Out in the peloton – every single part must operate perfectly.

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Every component must withstand the toughest challenges.

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sport introsida


When the bike is a tool to use for purposes you choose yourself

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Illustration with words connected to TEC's Bike Care line, chain lube, water repellence and wax.


When the bike’s needs are important to you.

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Team första sidan


Get to know the teams that are supported by TEC Components. 




Find out more about SPECTRA, a sister brand of TEC.

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“TEC is the original name for development of high-end components in innovative materials.”

The name was launched by Cycleurope in 2012 with the goal to create a unique part and accessory brand. The concept of the brand was built in order to give our costumers a range of products that would facilitate the purchase of parts and accessories for our customers to service the bikes of the consumer and to sell parts and accessories.

TEC is a wide range of spare parts and accessories for Road, MTB and BMX bikes as well as equipment for the riders. In the TEC range you will find quality components from the value for money to the high end components.

The TEC brand is a part of the brand portfolio of Cycleurope Group. Cycleurope is a group of several companies with a portfolio of strong local and global well anchored  bicycle brands.